Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens, 10165 N McKinley Drive, Tampa FL 33612


Busch Gardens is one of a kind - a theme park which also includes one of the top zoos in America. The 335-acre 19th century African-themed animal theme park originally opened in March 1959 followed by the 29 acre Serengeti Plains in 1965 which allowed the African wildlife to roam freely.

Sheikra, the worlds steepest dive coaster with a drop of 90 degrees is a must for the thrill seekers. For the juniors, enjoy a leisurely ride on the Serengeti Express and the Skyride gongolas.

Annually its visitors top 4.3 million people, placing in the Top 20 of the most-visited theme parks in the US and in the Top 25 worldwide.

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