Evacuation Route sign in Florida

The Hurricane season is active between 1st June and 30th November each year although they may happen either side of the start and end dates.

Important information, whether you are staying on the coast or inland too. Read before you go. Be prepared.

Check out the information on the basic items you should have at hand - see external link below for more information. Basic items are bottled drinking water 3 litres for each person per day, other drinks such at Gatorade, torch and new, spare batteries, mobile cell phone and charger, non perishable food - canned (remember to buy a manual tin opener and something to eat it from / with), snacks - granola bars, fruit cups, juice in a carton, nuts and dried fruit, cookies, chocolate for energy, change of clothes for each person for couple of days, first aid kit, baby supplies for 3 days - diapers, milk, medicine, baby wipes for the family to freshen up with. Other essentials - credit cards / cash, ID, passports and travel documents, car rental documents, bedding and blankets in case you have to take shelter overnight away from your accommodation.

Make a plan of where to go for safety - listen to the news/weather reports to find out where the hurricane may make land fall, ask locals, hotel staff or police for advice - travel away from the hurricane and away from the coast in case of high tides. Do not wait until it is too late to make a move - better to leave early than get stuck in traffic by leaving it too late.

Finally, make contact with relatives or friends to let them know you are safe and your location - make sure you have contact details and number written down in case you loose power on your mobile phone.

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